The show began with the RCW audience being welcomed by a 'special' Super Bowl style entrance with Ann Dromeda, who brought out his tag team championship partner and RCW Champion SKAM-13. Brandon Oliver then announced the results for the fan's pick the stipulation was a "Tables Match".

The two hyped up the crowd for the evenings main event match however were blindsided by The Texas Hitmen who leveled Ann Dromeda and proceeded to send SKAM-13 crashing through a table.
Skam-13 after being sent through the table. (Photo Courtesy:

After the chaos down, RCW fans were greeted by the return of Erick Snake who came to the ring and announced that from now on he will be known as Chico Latino. Admist wooing the ladies with his 'gyrating' moves Weazy Woo's music hit and the "woo-sters" were treated to the first match of the evening
Erick Snake
(Photo Courtesy:
Weazy Woo vs. Chico Latino

Weazy Woo coming right out of a scary situation involving a piledriver looked to regain momentum in this match, however Chico Latino looked past the "woo-vision" and gained the victory.

Winner: Chico Latino

Angel Blue
(Photo Courtesy:
Angel Blue Quits RCW?

Angel Blue came out after the match and announced that she is resigning from competing in RCW effective immediately.

Any other developments regarding this situation will be reported as soon as possible on future editions of the RCW Report.

Keith Lee Picks A Fight

Following that segment former RCW Champion Keith Lee came out however due to legalities however, we cannot we cannot discuss what happened but Keith Lee was involved in an altercation with two fans.
Keith Lee
(Photo Courtesy:

Continuing a night of many debuts and returns, the next segment brought out newcomer Ryan Sorenson, who came out introducing himself to everyone and quickly became disdained by the RCW fans. His opponent for the evening was also another debut the brother of Brandon Collins.. Jacob Collins! The second match of the evening began.
Ryan Sorenson
(Photo courtesy:
Ryan Sorenson vs. Jacob Collins w/ Brandon Collins

These two proved to the RCW fans that they belonged in this match that showcased the potential of both men. They exchanged hold for hold and battled it out, however in the end Jacob Collins came away with the victory in his debut match.

The "next generation" of RCW is here.

Winner: Jacob Collins

Dalton, JoJo and Ybesiu
(Photo Courtesy:
During intermission, Darci Drake, Brandon Collins and Rudy Russo came out to mingle with the fans, sign autographs and take pictures. However they were soon interrupted by the RCW legend himself Andy Dalton and Mr. Ybesiu. Who soon challenged the three favorites to a match, and brought out a third partner.. who he claimed had what it takes JoJo Bravo.

JoJo Bravo wins
(Photo Courtesy:
JoJo Bravo, Andy Dalton & Mr. Ybesiu vs. Darci Drake, Brandon Collins & Rudy Russo

This match showcased high flying from both RCW Originals in Russo and Dalton, and "Next Generation" stars in Collins and Darci, throw in the wild card of Mr. Ybesiu and you got one wild match that had everyone diving and being thrown all over the ring.

The rules were an elimination style match, at the end of the match it came down to JoJo being the sole surivor of his team, however Dalton came back to ring side to lend a hand, allowing JoJo to get the best out of all three members.

Winner: JoJo Bravo

After the match Rudy Russo and Andy Dalton came back to the ringside area brawling all throughout the crowd. These two had to be pulled apart and Brandon made the announcement.. next show Dalton vs. Russo one on one in a "Fan Lumberjack Strap Match".

Defending tag team champs
(Photo courtesy:
The next match was the main event match for the evening a tables match for the RCW Tag Team Championship!

Texas Hitmen vs. SKAM-13/Ann Dromeda (Champs)

The fued had finally reached to a breaking point when these four men battled each other all over Good Shepard Lutheran Church's Gym!

Chaos ensued everywhere, early in the match both Big Dogg and Skitzo went through tables and it appeared to be what looked like a quick victory for the defending champs. However Alex Marrozos over ruled and said that Skitzo was not put through a table, and that he had not seen Big Dogg go through the table.

AnnDromeda splashing onto a prone Skitzo
(Photo courtesy:
The match and brutality continued.. even featuring Skitzo being eliminated by Ann Dromeda with a big splash off the top after being duct taped to a table by SKAM-13, however in the end the Texas Hitmen were able to come through with a victory and the RCW tag team titles.

Winners and new RCW Tag Team Champions:
The Texas Hitmen
The New RCW Tag Champs
(Photo courtesy:
2/20/2010 06:53:09 am

I am a huge fan of RCW.
Iam Raymond Uhl's daughter I come to you're website all the time.I also go to all the shows with my dad i've NEVER EVER EVER MISSED 1 SHOW!!!

2/27/2010 10:23:17 pm

I can't wait until the next RCW show!!!

3/8/2010 12:57:14 am

I like RCW because of good mix of styles: traditional, hardcore, lucha libre, and else!


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